Know your product focus & outsource the Data Ops

If you are in a PLG (product-led growth) company, your engineering team should focus on the PRODUCT, not data operations.

But data analytics is the key to PLG strategy. So, How can we get the analytics engine going without distracting your precious (and expensive!) product engineering resources?

That is when you should check out! We are here to help you OUTSOURCE data engineering needs. is LAUNCHING a new Data Integration Service for Startups.

🙈 No DATA, NO VISIBILITY: Are you driving your company at the top speed in complete darkness? 😱

Hubspot, Salesforce, Zendesk… I’m pretty sure you use tons of cloud applications to automate your business operations. Data is siloed in each application, including your own product.

How do you synthesize the data from zillion sources to get the whole picture of your customers?

You need an analytics engine (data warehouse and data pipelines) to bring the data to where decisions take place.

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$$$ Thought Data Engineering is expensive?

Do not procrastinate implementing an analytics engine. Nor should you waste 6 months looking for a seasoned data engineer.

💸 The average data engineer in the USA costs $93,000 as base salary. The senior data engineers at FAANG companies are getting $300,000+ and even $500,000+ salary. 💸

Can your startup afford that?

With, you can have the modern data stack today. Our starting contract is LESS THAN $10K a year. WOW!

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Case Studies: See how we helped FAST companies is an end-to-end service for your data Extraction, Loading, and Transformation needs.

  • The product analytics team is an expert in SQL, but the analysis does not begin without the source data in the data warehouse.
  • The marketing team should be evaluated for the quality of the leads, not quantity. Product qualified lead generation is the way to go for the freemium model, but you need custom engineering to close the feedback loop from the product usage.
  • The customer success team should have well-defined customer health metrics. And they should be talking to at-risk customers, not spending time manually importing & exporting data to Excel and Zendesk.

Those are just a few examples of how we have helped fast companies. Read what our customers are saying about us:

“We have been extremely pleased with the work done by ANELEN to set up a platform to enable us to gain deeper levels of insight into many aspects of our business. ANELEN has both the expertise and just as importantly, the desire to help its clients get the most value they can out of their data.” - Tim Thatcher COO, Tiny Technologies Inc.

“ANELEN’s team is absolutely outstanding. We closed our last round with a prominent VC in great part due to the data visibility we provided to investors through ANELEN’s work.” - Konstantin, Zvereff CEO, BlueCart Inc.

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A tailor-made service built on cutting-edge technology

Data engineering is hard. Serving data pipelines for many businesses is even harder.

It took a whole new approach to do it right. And we did it!

tech stack

We architected handoff technology from zero, utilizing a unique serverless approach to data engineering operation. With this innovative design, our customers get:

  1. Customization: We design data extraction, loading, transformation, and publishing logic exactly as you need.
  2. Reliability: A complete resource isolation that ensures reliable data delivery.
  3. Security: The best security practice: The data and process won’t go outside your cloud.

…without worrying about maintaining the infrastructure!

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Active Monitoring Service: We’ll keep our eyes on the data flow for you

Thought you could get away by hiring a one-time contractor?

When you turn the faucet, you expect the water to flow.

That is true as long as you pay the utility bill that helps the water infra to operate at its best efficiency.

The same goes for data. The data pipeline needs monitoring and maintenance to deliver data as expected.

  • The source application may have a breaking change.
  • They may update the data schema at any time.
  • The source data may become temporarily available.
  • What if there is a data quality concern?

Until now, your only option was to hire a full-time data engineer.

👀 handoff changes the game.

We have built a monitoring technology that lets us be the data watchdog for many businesses at a fraction of cost:


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Now you can reliably keep the data flowing to where decisions take place without hiring a data engineer. ANELEN’s mission is to help innovative businesses make smarter decisions with data. achieves the engineering part of the big mission. Please send me an email at (.co not .com) anytime to discuss how I can help!

Daigo Tanaka, Ph.D.
CEO & Data Scientist @ Anelen, Co., LLC
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